Podcast #001 – Raising Responsible Kids (Chores for kids)

chore chart for kids

We get a lot of questions about how we handle chores, and when I sat down to write a post, I never got back up. Really, it was taking me that long to explain the “why” and “how” we handle what we call “contributions.”

Enter Josh with the “why don’t we just do a podcast about it?” idea. I laughed him off because I’m much more of a writer than a radio show host kind of person, but after thinking about how my own favorite podcasts are able to get so many ideas out into the world in about 30 minutes vs the hours of writing and editing I “prefer,” I gave it a second thought. And here we are today.

Still, though, there are limitations. The topic of “responsibility” is SO huge. We could have talked for hours – and we do (fortunately for you, it’s not recorded). This specific podcast, although we do touch on the overarching “responsibility” themes of natural consequences and entitlement, is mostly about how our family handles contributions and jobs (or chores, if you will).

And as we dive into this podcast world, I feel the need to list a thousand disclaimers. Instead, here’s three:

  • We recorded in our master bedroom closet next to my vast Old Navy shirt collection. Our sound quality needs a little work.
  • Addressing big and complex ideas in a 30-minute conversation is hard. In the future, we’ll likely tackle specific pieces of bigger conversations rather than try to jam it into one.
  • After playing it back, I wish I said a few things differently. Here’s to getting better as we go!

Alright. Onto the show. We’d love to know your thoughts.

Show links/documents referenced in the podcast:

Check out the editable contribution checklist here:  Weekly Contribution Checklist (Chore Chart)

And here’s a handy dandy list for age-appropriate chores here: Wellthy Family Contribution List


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