We’re launching our first online family management course!

Introducing . . .

Intentional Family

How To Yell Less, Reduce Stress & Organize the Mess

To Be The Mom You Want To Be

[Comprehensive family management course with 10+ hours of video lessons]


Are you surviving? Struggling to even get good food on the table for your kids?

Do you find yourself reminding, nagging, YELLING to get your kids to follow directions?

Are you ending your days a worn out mess?

If so, welcome home.

I’m a mom to five under 9, and I’ve so been there with you. I know how badly parenting can suck. I know the struggle to juggle – mom, wife, cook, cleaner, chauffeur, and heaven forbid have any time left over to actually do something for me. 

But, now I also know the flip side. Quality family time. Kids who are compassionate, responsible and independent. A family that works together to dream big, have fun and help others.

And that’s why I’ve put my experience into this course. 

This 5-week online course is a family management system developed over the last 15 years through my work:

  • in schools as a special education teacher and coordinator.

  • with a non-profit kids organization as a founding member of The FitWit Foundation.

  • with families as an organizational consultant through my company, Well Focused. 

. . . and of course, lessons learned in juggling all the above while raising my own five small kids.

We’ll work on getting you in the right mindset first and then teach you a system that will reduce parenting stress, develop team-first mentality,encourage positive dialogue and organize your busy schedules

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How to build YOUR best family –  how to create a family mission statement and core values and a workable plan to get you and your spouse on the same page. 

  • How to organize your family day to day routines as well as your long-term planning – Everything from laundry to holiday traditions.

  • How to create and utilize your family command center to keep mom sane and everyone on the same page.

  • How to get your kids contributing to the organization – chores, allowance, contributions, service.

  • How to embrace positive parenting and less yelling.

  • How to use a family meeting to bring it all together. This is where you can celebrate your kids, review upcoming meals, role play the recent poor behavior, express gratitude and discuss bigger questions like How to behave when we lose or How we can engage with people who don’t look like us?

Check out the course Table of Contents here for more details.

So, are you interested?

I want to make it truly excellent, so I’m piloting a beta version with up to 20 people. This beta course will be discounted in exchange for your feedback about how I can improve it and your testimonial about how you’re now kicking butt because of what you’ve learned. 🙂  

As I finish off one section, I’ll load it and have the beta testers get to getting. So, this initial version may even last a bit longer than the 5 weeks.

If you’re interested in the discounted beta version, please shoot me an email – Erin@wellthyfam.com to get on the list. After the first 20 people, I’ll close it out and the course won’t be available until the full-price version is launched.

Thanks so much for all the encouragement and feedback you’ve given me since we launched this new venture. I look forward to helping your organize your family and helping you thrive more days than survive.

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