Raising a happy, healthy family is a pipe dream . . .

if you don’t have systems in place to manage your family.
Let’s face it, your family didn’t exactly come with a manual that helps you figure out how to plan Tuesday night’s meal while scheduling the soccer team picnic all while attempting to nurture these little humans into big caring, amazing, self-reliant humans.
Enter Family Meeting.
An effective family meeting can be the single most important tool in organizing your busy lives and empowering your kids .
This meeting rocks because it:
  • Reduces mama-stress by getting everyone organized on the same page.
  • Encourages intentional parenting.
  • Allows you to celebrate each other. High-fives for all!
  • Helps you solve problems and opens dialogue with your kids.
  • Helps your kids become INDEPENDENT.
  • Creates a positive family culture that makes everyone want to dance.
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