Build Your Best Family teaches you the strategies and tactics that will help your family move from surviving to thriving. While it’s true that every family is unique, there are characteristics and methods that all truly remarkable, high-functioning families share . . . and YOU can learn them!

You’re in the right place if you want to:

  • Discover hours each week instead of wasting time on the hamster wheel of family life
  • Have more patience and grace instead of endlessly griping to your kids.
  • Watch your kids take ownership for the household and feel part of a team
  • Live out a big-picture family plan that YOU control
  • Actually enjoy each other’s company
  • Regain your sanity as a parent and your identity as a person (NOT just mom or dad)

BYBF is run by Erin and Josh Guerrieri, who have been together for over twenty years, and have worked directly with children, schools and families since 2001.

Erin Guerrieri – Erin not only runs a very full house of seven people, she also consults families of children with ADHD and Executive Functioning Disorders. She previously held positions as special education teacher/coordinator and Health & Wellness curriculum developer in Atlanta Public Schools. Follow Erin on Instagram or email her –




fall-family-2015-395 (3)Josh Guerrieri – Josh founded FitWit and helped start The FitWit Foundation – a non-profit organization that builds strength and develops character in the kids who need it most. Before managing FitWit full-time, he taught social studies and coached basketball at Washington High School for six years through the Teach for America program.